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Washington DC, 1969

Two sublime ultra obscure Northern Soul gems

First time re-release on Epsilon Record Co.



A: BA'E BROTHER (3:10)

B: BA'E BROTHER (Instrumental) (3:10)

Keni St Lewis

Keni St Lewis (Keni Lewis)

Keni St. Lewis is predominanly a prolific songwriter who recorded only a handful of sides himself. 

He was a member of several groups The Dreams, The Cairos, The Enjoyables and The Chancellors.

Ba'e Brothers was his first record as a solo artist.


He wrote songs recorded by Billy Butler, Gene Chandler and The O'Jays.  His repertoire includes many songs for many Northern Soul artists and includes several Shrine artists


D.C. Blossoms: Hey Boy

Epsilons: Mad a the World / I'm So Devoted

The Cairos: Stop Overlooking Me / Don't Fight It

Shirley Edwards: Dream My Heart

The Counts: Peaches Baby

Cavaliers: Do What I Want

Flower Shoppe, Vibrating Vibrations, The Dreams, The Coasters among others.

In the 70s he wrote hits for The Sylvers and Tavares.

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