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Limited Edition: Re-Mastered 7" 1976 Florida

A: Shardarp

B:Wish I Had a Girl


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The official re-release of Shardarp by Nobody’s Children / Wish I had a girl!

Remastered by Grammy Judge Earle Holder, the chief mastering engineer for the wold famous Public Enemy!



The rare and still around, and rocking steady around the world , still to this day , the recordings of Nobody's Children.


The recordings, Shardarp and I Wish I Had A Girl Like You, written by William ( Spoochy ) Travis Jr,  recorded in 1976 .


Now the  re - release of the first two hits from the first Funk Band of Riviera Beach, Fl.


Nobody's Children consisted of:


Stan Travis ( Bass )

Anthony Daniels ( Lead Guitar)

Charlie Daniels ( Trombone)

Leon Boyd ( Trumpet )

Charles Crawford ( Drums)

William Travis A.K.A.  El' Willie ( Lead Vocals and Saxophone)


These were the members of Nobody's Children ,which were considered to be The Gold Standard of bands in that area, and they set the standards for other bands to follow for years to come.


They were a funk show band, with their energetic no nonsense, take no prisoners attitude.

Leaded by Palm Beach County with own Funkmaster William ( Spoochy ) Travis Jr. whose motto was;


 You Want Some , Come Take Some Then!!!

Listen to El Willie Interview here:


Visite El Willie Website & Store:

+44 7515 355 433

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