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(previously unissued)


Talented Artist Xclusively In Entertainment

A: “Dance(2:40)

B: “TAXIE BAND”  (3:57)

Written by: Woody Whittaker, Ronnie Arch, and Wayne Chatman


Los Angeles CA 1979

(both side are previously unissued)


​In 1978 ,three friends.

Woody Whittaker, Ronnie Arch, and Wayne Chatman


Came together with their musical ideas and talents to form the music production company, “Cabfare Productions”.

Under that parent company, the performing group T.A.X.I.E.







Archwoods Productions and Archwoods Publishing was born. 


Eventually adding musicians/song writers, Charles (Ice Cream) Williams,

Oneida James, and the amazing vocalist, Carlita Durhan, the original guitarist for the R&B group Taste Of Honey.

T.A.X.I.E. performed many engagements through out the Los Angels Hollywood circuits. Opening and appearing with renowned artist such as Stevie Wonder, Dennis Edwards, and the Mary Jane Girls.

The members of T.A.X.I.E. are not only great musicians and performers, but also are very talented and awesome song writers.


Some of their compositions have been performed and recorded by, Grammy winner Diane Reeves, Tahj Mowry, AlfredaJames, Greg Rose, and musical groups such as Infinite.


Archwoods Productions also produced, published and promoted music and live concerts throughout the United States and Europe.

Over the years, this partnership has developed a music catalog of over 100 songs, compositions, and videos. In the future, they will continue to write and produce excellent music, promoting new and established artist. 

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