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Natural Impulse (previously unissued)

A: “Let’s Get Together”(3:10)

B: “Let’s Get Together”(extended version 4:34)

Written by: Richard P Ramos

Bay Area 1976


Re-mixed & Re-mastered by Steve Fuji


James Hales

A: “Could It Be Joy”(3:12)

Arranged by: James Hale / James Pasley / Rasha A Abdur


B: “Cashing in My Memories”(3:40)

Written by: James Hale / Nathan Musser

Los Angeles California

Natural Impulse

Let’s Get Together is a previously unissued track. It came from via Richard P Ramos from a restored Reel to Reel Mastertape recorded in 1976. 


My good friend Steve Fuji, from Riverside CA, did a fabulous job remixing the original recording and created two superb versions.

Personally I prefer the extended version with the Hammond B3 break!


This is probably one of my best releases to date.


I can’t wait to see you dancing to it! 


Natural Impulse from San Francisco, USA (formed by Richard Ramos) were nominated by TV personality Jay Payton nominated them for the first annual Bay Area music awards as best horn band.

Bands that shared that nomination included Con Funk Shun and Tower Of Power. 



Natural impulse, Richard Ramos, Jess Gonzalez ,Michael Baldwin, Ladee Bianca, Andrés Soto, Hank Oden, Tom Fuglestad and Geoff Glibas.

James Hale

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