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Vocal: Rocky Whitaker / Producer: Alvin Harrison




(previously unissued)

B: DO WE HAVE LOVE  (4:34)

(previously unissued)

Modesto CA 1976



was made up of college buddies. They had all been in a Dartmouth College sponsored traveling band called the Green Dream made up of students in a class taught by Robert Northern ... aka "Brother Ahh". After graduation they much to the chagrin of their parents, decided to take their shot at stardom. They never achieved stardom but I got something better... the friendship of  5 guys who act like brothers that has lasted 50 years...they still Zoom once a month. 

The members of Mantis are:

Allen Atkins: Vocals/Keyboards. Alan became a university economics professor and still plays music occasionally with a small trio in his home state of Arizona.

Baxter Fullerton: Vocals/vocal arrangement. Baxter got involved in banking and the stock market... And still sings occasionally for fun.

Alvin Harrison: Guitar/ Vocals. Alvin started an advertising agency in California, retired at 44… And is still releasing new music today

Vernon Stewart: vocals Drums. Vernon is still in the transportation industry, but has been in many local bands and is still gigging in Houston Texas.

Rocky Whitaker: Vocals and Conga. Rocky is involved in college sports promotions and still performs in Charlotte North Carolina.

Paul Ungar: Bass/ keyboards/ BG Vocals. Paul became a music lawyer and continues to play in a band that does charitable performances.

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