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Ray Williams & The Majortones

Previously Unissued Modern Soul Crossover Monster 

Vocal & Instrumental

A: “Girl (Your'e So Sweet, You're So Fine)”(2:58)

B: “Girl (Your'e So Sweet, You're So Fine)”instrumental (2:58)

Written by: Lil Major Williams & Major Williams Sr

Houston, Texas


Ray Williams


The Essence Of Life

Incredible Sweet Soul Lowrider

with a Raw Killer Rhythm Soul Funk B side

A: “You're An Angel”(3:10)

B: “Waling In My Shadow” (2:26)

Written by: N. Osborne & J. Moore

Charlotte NC / 1973

As a young kid I always wanted to be a musician especially with my brothers.


My Dad, Major Williams Sr started it all with my Brother Lil Major Williams and Garland Williams.

They would travel and play music at venues all over Texas and surroundings States.

I myself stared playing the snare drum in Junior High school and eventually started playing with the Majortones Band which was my dad and brothers group.

I remember the first time I ever sat behind a set of drums it was like a dream come true.

We were playing at this club in Houston, called the Green Parrot.

Garland which was the drummer at the time, I think he got sick or something happened, that's when my dad came to me and said this your time Ray.


I was so scared , keep in my I was only 11years old, anyway I played that night if it had not been for the Bass player (Fox was his name) telling me how to work the foot pedal and high hats snare we wouldn't have made he just kept telling me to stay on the one, at that time I was wondering what was the one Lol.

As time went by I started really getting the hang the thing call music.


Little Major was a big James Brown fan, so we played a lot of Brown's music and if I  tell you we were tight and right.


Major wrote Girl (Your'e So Sweet, You're So Fine & Girl) Don't Leave in 1978 and I can't remember the real reason for the title of song but it did really good lot's of air play.


As time went on Lil Major, Garland and my Dad passed away.


That's when I started managing The Majortones Band and to this Day it's still going strong.


Yann Vatiste send me back to the studio early this year to re-take Girl (Your'e So Sweet, You're So Fine & Girl) with new vocal arrangement on the original backing track.

I feel like it's my time in the music industry, I've been playing for over forty years and I'm still in love with it and still having lots of fun. 

Ray Williams

The Essence Of Life

The Essence Of Life Group members

Larry Graves

Towan Butler (RIP)

Craig Young

Ken Lock

J Jerome Johnson

Essence of Life was formed in 1973 in Charlotte North Carolina at Johnson C Smith University.

Towan Butler and Craig Young were basketball players on scholarship who were singing in the shower after practice, when a man named Jock Johnson who was a business major who had graduated heard Towan and Craig singing in the shower and asked if we would like to be in a singing group that he was putting together, if we did he asked us to meet him later that evening at a location on campus.

When we arrived we were introduced to Jerry Johnson, who is Jacque brother, Kenny Lock and Larry Graves and Essence Of Life was formed.

Essence Of Life has performed with such groups as Blue Magic, The Whispers and The Barkays to name a few.


Essence Of Life sang and danced their way into the hearts of fans all over the United States spreading love through high impact performances.

Craig Young

Managers Jacque Johnson Jr.(RIP)

Russell "Redbone" Thompson (RIP),

Gene Kelly was band director and drummer for the 21st Century Charlotte band. 

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